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Restyling Logo & Brand Identity

I discovered this beautiful company, in a small country. That makes tailor-made spirit measures and dispensers for the whole world. It’s about a products of the highest quality that absolutely needed to show up in the right way.


This is my project about Restyling Logo & Brand Identity

Naming: the chosen character, linear and clean, communicates rigorousness, precision that in the tonality of black assumes its maximum authority. The game between bold and light, creates a double reading, which dynamizes the logo and adds a simple and incisive message: Italdosit, do it.
Graphic element: The three colored circles represent the stylized drops, which come out from a “d” doser.
Payoff: assessed for an international audience, specifies the type of product. The character used, more soft and dynamic, with the freshness of freehand writing, adds to the technical aspect of the brand, a lively, emotional side that places it in the context to which it will be positioned. In fact, both perfumes and spirits belong to environments linked to leisure, carefree and relational well-being.


The choice of color
and the perception of customers on the personality of the brand.
Color is a sensation that is received by the brain and affects our body and especially our psychological attitude. Given that emotions have a lot to do with the sale of a product, it is undisputed that it is possible to direct, through the use of visual elements, the desire to purchase a customer towards a certain product rather than another.

Black and White
Black is a classic: it is simplicity that communicates elegance, power and authority. In technical context it also expresses precision, seriousness and quality.

Orange: cheerfulness, sociability, dynamism
In this logo, wants to bring back to a classic cocktail color.
Orange is a very lively, dynamic and welcoming color. It manifests in itself the strength and momentum of red and the joy and vitality of yellow. Here it represents the final context of the product: places where people meet and have fun.
Being a warm color, it is great for easily attracting attention and giving a strong emotional value to a graphic composition. It is absolutely the color of creativity, trust and mental energy.

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