Fortisi Logo

Type Logo for Design Furniture Store

Type Logo for Design Furniture Store

Settling down my house, I discovered this really interesting design furniture store. A great quality of products, an excellent service and collaboration. There was only one thing missing, a brand that communicated all this.

This is my Concept and Design about the Brand

Type Logo
The lettering (or type logo) creates a brand by customizing the font. It consists of modifying one or more letters of the word in an image that represents the word itself or a business icon.
In this case the choice was to insert an Italian Design Classic (the Arco di Castiglioni lamp) between the two “i” of Fortisi.
Instead of being flanked by the writing, the image becomes part of it and the visual play that is created gives the brand a strong, unique and immediate character in the communication of the business.

Black is the new black
Black is always in style in the fashion industry. We talk about classic, elegance and quality that never sets.

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